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Hunter Cooperative Legal Service Delivery Program Partnership

Hunter CLSD region map

The Hunter Cooperative Legal Service Delivery Program Partnership is one of 12 regional justice partnerships in NSW. The Program partnerships are a coalition of legal and non-legal services.

The aim of the partnerships is to improve legal outcomes for people who experience social and economic disadvantage.

Why are CLSD Program partnerships important?

People who experience social and economic disadvantage often have complex and interrelated legal, health, financial and social needs. CLSD Program partnerships identify areas of unmet legal need in their communities and take collaborative action to address that need.

Systemic issues and problems that are raised by partnerships are regularly fed back to the NSW Legal Assistance Forum, the Law and Justice Foundation as well as other relevant bodies such as the Law Society, ombudsman schemes and government agencies.

How does the CLSD Program work?

Each partnership has a regional coordinator. Face to face meetings of the partners are held four times each year. Information about meeting dates and locations can be found on the Legal Aid NSW website www.legalaid.nsw. gov.au/clsd

The quarterly meetings are a great opportunity for partners to share information about new services, emerging legal issues and legal needs in the region.

Each partnership has an action plan that provides a framework for priorities and collaborative work by the partners. Action plans are flexible and updated regularly.

Hunter region priorities:

  • Improved collaboration between CLSD partners to coordinate services for people in financial hardship.
  • Better and more coordinated legal service sin Raymond Terrace and Cessnock.
  • Protection of the rights of older people and grandparents, including Aboriginal people.
  • Improve support for young people, including young people in OOHC.

CLSD Program Projects

Partners use an evidence based approach to respond to unmet and emerging legal needs. Funding is available to support collaborative projects that provide, facilitate or enhance access to legal services in the region.

Projects developed by the Hunter partnership include:

  • Weekly traffic clinic at Toronto Local Court.
  • Local service ‘map’ for Singleton.
  • Hunter legal outreach calendar
  • Family violence training for salon professionals in the Hunter.