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Implementation of the Cameron Review of Community Legal Centre Services

Community Legal Services Tender Update

Tender timeframe

Please be advised that there have been some changes to the tender timeframe.

  • The tender opened on Friday 19 October and will close on Wednesday 5 December

All information about the tender application process will be published on the NSW Government’s eTendering website soon. If don’t have a current eTendering login, please register as soon as possible via https://tenders.nsw.gov.au/.

PPF funding

The PPF Trustees have agreed to include PPF funding for the CLSP Program in this application process. This amount will be included in the Pool 1 funding, and will only be available to CLCs who are currently in the CLSP program. As a result, PPF funding will be distributed on a 3 year basis as part of this application process. The exception is where your centre is directly funded by the PPF, in which case these funds will remain outside of the CLC tender process.

Legal Needs Analysis Report

The Law and Justice Foundation has released their report, Evidence of legal need in NSW to support the Cameron Review implementation. Please see link below for details.


Working Group

Legal Aid NSW, CLCNSW and the Department of Justice are continuing to meet weekly to work through implementation issues in relation to this funding process. We have very much appreciated the input of CLCNSW in this process to date.

Further information

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact Mia Zahra, Manager, CLC Program Unit at Legal Aid NSW on T: (02) 9219 5836 or E: mia.zahra@legalaid.nsw.gov.au

In 2017, the NSW Government asked Mr Alan Cameron AO to review the way the NSW Government supports community legal centres (CLCs) in NSW in order to improve access to justice. The Cameron Review has now been approved by the NSW Government, which will implement the vast majority of recommendations made by Mr Cameron AO.

The Cameron Review recommended that, from 2019–20, a new application process be introduced to allocate State Government funding to CLCs. A minimum three year funding cycle will also be introduced for State funding. This will support CLCs to engage in forward planning for service delivery which will, in turn, support the delivery of better outcomes for the community.

A new application-based funding model

The new application-based funding model will help to ensure that government funding is aligned with changing demographics, community demand and quality of service delivery and are invested based on evidence of greatest need.

The new application-based funding model will apply to all State funding announced in the 2018-19 Budget.

Discretionary payments from the Public Purpose Fund (PPF) will not be included in the new application funding model at this time.

Commonwealth Government funding has already been allocated for a three year period from 2017-18.


The NSW Government has asked Legal Aid NSW to implement the new funding model. Legal Aid NSW will work with CLCNSW and the Department of Justice to develop and implement the new application process.

The CLC sector will be closely consulted, and CLCNSW will support the sector to participate in the new process and develop supporting materials to assist CLCs in the application process.

The evidence base to inform applications

The Law and Justice Foundation and CLCNSW have been engaged to develop a Legal Needs Analysis to inform applications for funding, similar to that developed in Queensland.

The Legal Needs Analysis for NSW will consist of data relating to priority client groups, services available and gaps in legal services in the identified catchment areas.

The Legal Needs Analysis will support evidence-based proposals for CLC service planning and funding applications.

Legal Needs Analysis report available here


Legal Aid NSW is currently finalising the timeframe that will apply to the applications for funding under the new State Government model, and will provide more information about the tender process as soon as possible.

In the meantime, please contact Meagan Lee at Legal Aid NSW at meagan.lee@legalaid.nsw.gov.au for more information.

For more information about support available to CLCs, please contact CLCNSW at clcnsw@clcnsw.org.au or at www.clcnsw.org.au/cameron-review-implementation

More information about the Cameron Review can be found on the Department of Justice website: