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Family Advocacy and Support Service

Who we are

We can help if you are affected by family violence and have a family law issue. Our lawyers and support workers can help you if you:

  • have experienced family violence, or
  • someone says you have used violence.

Other family members like grandparents can also use our services.

How can our lawyers help you

We can help with problems like:
  • sorting out arrangements for children
  • getting an ADVO
  • getting a divorce
  • getting child support
  • sorting out problems with CommunityServices (FaCS)
  • getting victims support
  • sorting out other legal problems you have
    because of family violence

We can:

  • give you legal advice
  • help with court documents
  • appear for you in court in some cases
  • find you a lawyer if you need help for an
    ongoing case

We can work with your support worker to support you with your case and improve your safety.
We can help you even if your ex-partner is getting help from another part of Legal Aid NSW. We can’t share the information you give us unless you tell us we can.

How can our support workers help you?

We can work with you to:

  • work out what you need help with and connect you with other services
  • help you to better understand your legal problem and the choices you have
  • give you information and support during your family law case
  • advocate for you with organisations like the Police, Housing and Victims Services
  • sort out practical problems like getting you Centrelink
  • help you get an ADVO
  • help you plan for your safety at home and at court
  • talk to the Family Law Courts about your safety at court
  • connect you with behaviour change programs or other services.

We can help you if you have a private lawyer, a lawyer from a Community Legal Centre or Legal Aid NSW or even if you don’t have a lawyer.
We have Aboriginal workers and workers from diverse backgrounds at some locations. Ask us about this.

We can work with your lawyer to support you with your case and improve your safety.

How do I get help?

You can see a lawyer or support worker by dropping into one of these Family Law Courts:

Level 2, 1–3 George St

Level 4, 61 Bolton St

Level 4, 97–99 Goulburn St

Level 1, 43 Burelli St

Our lawyers are there Monday to Friday. You can drop in. For more information, call 1800 979 529.
Our support workers for women are there Monday to Friday. You can drop in or call 1800 11 FASS.
Our support workers for men are there some days. To find out when call 1300 00 FASS.
If you are transgender or gender diverse just let us know which service you’d prefer to work with.
If you are worried about your safety at court or about going to court please call our support service before your court date.