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Family law

The family law practice helps adults and children resolve their family disputes and to achieve safe and workable care arrangements for children.

We provide legal advice and minor assistanceduty services, family dispute resolution and case representation in commonwealth family law matters, including child support matters, and in state care and protection matters across NSW.

Specialist services provided by the family law practice include:

Best for Kids website - www.bestforkids.org.au Visit Best for Kids: it has family law information for parents, families and children. It features four short videos, and has links to other useful resources for separating families.
amica website - https://amica.gov.au/ Visit amica: it is an online service that helps separating couples reach agreement themselves about parenting and property issues. It provides free information about issues relating to separation and can guide people to support services. amica was developed by National Legal Aid in conjunction with Australia’s legal aid commissions.