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Care partners listing


The following list of CLCs are partnering with Legal Aid NSW to provide legal assistance in response to the 'Safe Home for Life Reform' amendments to the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998.

These CLCs can work with parents or primary care givers who require legal assistance when responding to early intervention approaches from the Department of Family and Community Services ('FACS') and in arranging and participating in alternative dispute resolution about contact arrangements after final  orders  have  been made.

Under this partnership, the listed CLCs can provide legal assistance for the following matters:

  • Early intervention assistance to clients in their engagement with FACS; assisting clients to understand case planning processes, specifically Care Plans or Safety Plans and the Family Group Conferencing process
  • Parental Responsibility Contracts
  • Preliminary advice and negotiation about Parental Capacity Orders
  • Variations to contact orders
  • Post final order contact disputes

The CLC Care Partnership is not designed for CLCs to:

  • Provide urgent advice and representation when children have been recently removed
  • Appear as a children's representative in proceedings

Clients needing representation in matters newly listed before the Court should continue to be referred to a local Legal Aid NSW Family Litigation Section or duty service or the Aboriginal Legal Service.

Clients can be referred to the listed CLCs through direct referral arrangements or through the Legal Aid NSW Early Intervention Unit. The Early Intervention Unit provides a referral point for clients requiring early intervention assistance, or advice regarding contact disputes. The Early Intervention  Unit  can  be contacted on behalf of a client and will make a referral to a solicitor - Ph: 1800 551 589.

Care partner list

CLC care partner website
Central Coast CLC www.centralcoastclc.org.au  
Elizabeth Evat CLC www.eeclc.org.au
Hume Riverina CLS www.hrcls.org.au
Intellectual Disability Rights Service www.idrs.org.au
Macarthur LC www.macarthurlegal.org.au
Western Sydney CLC www.wsclc.org.au
Northern Rivers CLC www.northernriversclc.org.au
Redfern LC www.rlc.org.au
Shoalcoast CLC www.shoalcoast.org.au
Western NSW CLC www.wnswclc.org.au
Wirringa Baiya AWLS www.wirringabaiya.org.au
Women's LS www.wlsnsw.org.au