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Contact mediations

Mediations at Legal Aid NSW

As a result of changes to the Care and Protection Act, Legal Aid NSW is now facilitating mediations in relation to S86(1A) Contact disputes in Care and Protection matters.

Pursuant to S86(1A) (b) and (c), after care proceedings have been finalised, parties can file an application for a contact order. Prior to granting leave in relation to the application, the Children's Court must consider whether the parties have attempted to reach agreement by participating in alternative dispute resolution. Legal Aid is providing that alternative dispute resolution.
Attached are two different types of Request for Mediation forms used to initiate a Legal Aid Contact ADR Mediation.

Mediation forms

  1. Care and Protection Request form (for agencies, FACS or NGO with case work responsibility)
    pdf iconpdf 1.1MB, Word icon Word 222KB
  2. Care and Protection Request form (for individuals)
    pdf iconpdf 298KB, Word icon Word 227KB

The first form is for an agency (FACS or an NGO with case work responsibility) to complete and the second form is for a party to complete. All completed forms should be returned to the Family Dispute Resolution Unit, Legal Aid NSW.

Confidentiality agreement

Confidentiality Agreement Care and Protection Word icon 37KB

Contact agreement

Agreement for contact arrangements Word icon 24KB

This form is for parties to complete when agreement is reached at a contact mediation and there is no requirement to file in Court.


If you have any questions about this process, please call the Family Dispute Resolution Unit on 02 9219 5118 or 9219 5119 or email ADR@legalaid.nsw.gov.au.