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Family Dispute Resolution Service

Who we are

The Family Dispute Resolution Service of Legal Aid NSW helps people to resolve their family law dispute without going to court by inviting the parties involved in the dispute to attend a mediation called a conference.

Who we help

To take part in a conference, either you or the other party to your dispute must have been granted legal aid for your family law problem. A grant of legal aid pays for a lawyer to represent you at the conference.

The first step is for you or the other person (or both) to apply for legal aid for a conference. To find out how, call 02 9219 5118 or 02 9219 5119.

If you apply for legal aid to go to court, and we think a conference might help, we may require you to attend a conference first.

How we can help

We can help you settle your dispute more quickly than going to court. Conferences are also a very good way of helping you to work out what’s best for your children.

At a conference, you will get a chance to express your point of view openly and try to work out a solution that all parties agree on.

You and the other person will meet with either one or two independent chairpersons. Your lawyers are encouraged to attend although this is not essential. A lawyer for the children may also be present.

In some conferences you and the other person are in separate rooms and the chairpersons move between you. Conferences may also take place by telephone.


Conferences are available anywhere in NSW, either face to face or by telephone.

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Contact us

For more information call the Family Dispute Resolution Service on 02 9219 5118 or 02 9219 5119.

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