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Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners (FDRPs)


Legal Aid NSW has a panel of specialist family mediators, called FDRPs, who are all accredited with the Commonwealth Attorney General’s Department.

Our FDRPs have extensive experience in family law, and many are also specialists in specific types of family law conferences such as late  litigation matters (approaching a final hearing), Court ordered mediations, property matters, or matters which have been in the Children’s  Court.

We also have FDRPs from different cultural backgrounds, as well as from a diverse range of professional backgrounds and experiences. Many are or  were legal practitioners, many have legal qualifications, and others have social science qualifications such as psychology.

Some of our FDRPs are employed by Legal Aid NSW, but the majority are external and are engaged and paid as service providers under the terms of a signed agreement with Legal  Aid.

Location of FDRPs

The members of our panel are from various regions across NSW, including major metropolitan centres and smaller regional centres. They can conduct telephone mediations from their private offices or they can travel as required to mediate at face to face conference venues.

Booking an FDRP

When it is time to book a conference in a matter, we send an offer to the next FDRP on the list, taking into account location, availability and any special needs of the client. When the booking is accepted we send confirmation, details and documentation about the matter.

At the conference

At the conference the FDRP helps the clients to listen and talk to one another about the issues. They will hold private sessions with each party, and put forward practical suggestions to help keep negotiations open.

After the conference

After the conference the FDRP provides  a detailed report to Legal Aid NSW, including recommendations on what should happen next.

Forms for FDRPs currently on the Legal Aid NSW Panel

FDRP report form
FDRP COMP report form - for Court Ordered Mediations only