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Family Law Conference 2021

Conference recordings and presentations

Presentation: Family Law and Care & Protection resources (PPT 3 MB)

Family Law and Care & Protection Conference: Friday 13 August
9.00amRecording: Welcome to Country and Opening of Conference

Brendan Thomas, CEO Legal Aid NSW


Recording: Coercive control: identifying predictors of severe and fatal violence and keeping families safe

Presentation: Seeing Coercive Control presentation - Associate Professor Susan Heward-Belle (PPT 9MB)

Chair: Kirsty Irving, Senior Solicitor, Domestic Violence Unit, Legal Aid NSW
Speaker: Dr Susan Heward-Belle, University of Sydney
Panel: Judge Elizabeth Boyle, Federal Circuit Court
Mariam Mourad, CEO, Bankstown Women’s Health Centre


Recording: Yenmalalibyila: keeping Mudjin together

Chair: Bianca Dufty, Senior Solicitor, Legal Aid NSW
Speakers: Michelle Hayward, Managing Solicitor, Aboriginal Legal Service
Darlene Olsen, Senior Facilitator and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner


Session A

Recording: Working with international families experiencing family violence

Presentation: International families experiencing violence - Red Cross (PPT 6MB)

Presentation: International families experiencing family violence - spotting issues ( PPT 980 KB)

Chair: Ruth Pilkinton, Solicitor in Charge, Early Intervention Unit, Legal Aid NSW
Speakers: Katie Wrigley, Senior Solicitor, Civil Law Division, Legal Aid NSW
Amelia Weidner, Solicitor, Domestic Violence Unit, Legal Aid NSW
Seema Verma, Operations Manager – Migrations Support Programs, Red Cross

Session B

Recording: Emerging issues in care & protection in 2021: What we have learnt so far

Chair: Katie Kelso, Solicitor in Charge, Care and Protection, Legal Aid NSW
Speakers: Greg Moore, Barrister
Kate Vassie, Senior Solicitor, Legal Aid NSW
Jennifer Brown, Manager, Client Assessment and Referral Service, Legal Aid NSW


Session C

Recording: A Brave New World - Family Law Courts update

Presentation: The Courts Merger - Deputy Chief Justice McClelland (PPT 745 KB)

Presentation: The Lighthouse Project - Anna Boldiston (PPT 1 MB)

Chair: Prem Aleema, Solicitor in Charge, Child Support Service
Speaker: Deputy Chief Justice Robert McClelland, Family Court and Federal Circuit Court
Panel: Registrar Lynda Maitland
Anna Boldiston, Family Law Courts

Session D

Recording: Section 90 applications: same, same but different?

Resource: Tips for Completing the Clinic Assessment Application (PDF 131 KB)

Chair: Nicola Callander, Managing Advocate, Legal Aid NSW
Speakers: Robert McLachlan, Solicitor
Magistrate Nicole Ford, Children’s Court of NSW
Bronwen Elliot, Children’s Court of NSW Clinician


Session E

Curly ethical questions – a hypothetical

Chair: Gabrielle Cantrall, Solicitor in Charge, Family Law
Panel: Karen Shea, Barrister
Linden Barnes, Senior Ethics Solicitor, Law Society of NSW
Daniel Kennard, Senior Solicitor, Early Intervention Unit, Legal Aid NSW

Session F

Recording: Lessons from the trenches – safety planning for lawyers

Presentation: Lessons from the trenches - safety planning for lawyers (PPT 144 KB)

Presentation: Safety planning for lawyers - Dr Brent Waters (PPT 52 KB)

Chair: Megan Norris, Solicitor Advocate, Legal Aid NSW
Speaker: Dr Brent Waters, Psychiatrist
Panel: Frances Neilson, Solicitor in Charge,
Central Sydney Family Law Unit, Legal Aid NSW
Anna Baltins, Solicitor in Charge, Domestic Violence Unit, Legal Aid NSW
Lisa Dawson, Senior Solicitor, Grants Division, Legal Aid NSW


Recording: Latest and greatest cases in care & protection and family law

Resource: Latest and greatest cases (PDF 261 KB)

Chair: Alex Colquhoun, Director, Family Law, Legal Aid NSW
Speakers: Judge Kylie Beckhouse, Federal Circuit Court of Australia
President Johnstone, Children’s Court of NSW