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Family Law Early Intervention Unit

Who we are

The Family Law Early Intervention Unit (EIU) is a state wide specialist service of Legal Aid NSW. It provides free family law services in courts and community organisations in a number of locations around NSW.

The service has been established to help you resolve your family law issues as early as possible without the need to go through lengthy litigation.

Our services complement the family law services already provided by Legal Aid NSW offices.

Who we help

People with family law problems, particularly in the early stages of your matter.

There is a special focus on reaching disadvantaged communities who have difficulty accessing legal services. This includes people living in rural and remote areas, homeless people and Aboriginal communities.

This service is completely separate to our legal practice so we can help you even if you are in dispute with someone who is already getting help from Legal Aid NSW.

How we can help

Advice and assistance

The service provides advice about family law issues like:

  • what to do when you separate
  • sorting out where children live and time they spend with other family members
  • making the most of family law mediation services
  • cases involving children and FACS
  • property matters
  • child support matters.

We can link people to other services and help them to apply for legal aid if appropriate.

We provide legal advice and assistance to a number of locations in NSW. To find out if there is an outreach solicitor in your location please call 1800 551 589.

We can provide minor assistance in some circumstances. This can include writing to the other party on your behalf, assisting you to prepare documents for court, telephoning agencies to assist in obtaining access to dispute resolution, or helping you reach a lawyer who can help you with your matter on an ongoing basis.

We can assist to refer you to services that can provide you with ongoing assistance to:

  • resolve your dispute without going to court;
  • provide support and assistance during your separation
  • provide legal assistance on an ongoing basis if necessary

Duty services

We help people in court including;

  • advice for self representing litigants in the early stages of their family law matter
  • information sessions
  • help with court documents.

We provide duty services at a range of courts including the Parramatta, Sydney and Newcastle Family Law Courts.


Our family dispute resolution lawyers can provide lawyer assisted mediation if required.

Community legal education

We can run community legal education sessions on family law issues.

Law Society Journal article – Getting in early
(This article was first published in the Law Society Journal, March 2013, and is reproduced with permission).


The Family Law Early Intervention Unit is based at the Parramatta Justice Precinct Legal Aid NSW Office, Level 1, 160 Marsden Street.

Our outreach services are based in community organisations, family relationship centres and local courts in a range of locations across NSW

Contact us

Phone 1800 551 589 to find out more information or to make a booking at one of our advice services.

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