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Online resource for Independent Children’s Lawyers (“ICLs”) across Australia

The National Independent Children’s Lawyer (ICL) website was launched on Friday 19 February 2016.
The website is a collaboration between National Legal Aid (NLA), the Attorney General’s Department and each of the State/Territory Legal Aid Commissions.

This website is an important resource for ICLs on Legal Aid panels across Australia.

ICLs across Australia now have access to an additional resource to support them in their role. The provision of resources, a significant library of relevant social science and webinars, as well as a comprehensive list of significant cases, forums and training events, to mention a few of the sites features, all in the one website.

It is easy to navigate and will provide ICLs with a wealth of information they can access from their mobile devices when they need it.

Key features of the website include:

  • Legislation and guidelines relevant to the role of the ICL.
  • Significant cases (co- curated and sponsored by the Family Law Section of the Law Council of Australia).
  • Social science research (curated and sponsored by the Australian Institute of Family Studies).
  • National useful links.
  • State specific resources.
  • Access to downloadable NLA brochures for adults and children about the role of the ICL and supervision
  • Upcoming events and training both national and state, including access to the Family Law Section of the Law Council’s library of social science webcasts
  • News 
  • Forums
  • A mentoring program and
  • The Home and About pages can be accessed by the general public and provide information, news and access to downloadable, as well as interactive versions for children, of brochures about the role of the ICL and supervision.