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Law Check-Up for Community and Health Workers

What is Law Check-Up?

Law Check-Up is a training session and a tool for community and health workers.

The training session is delivered by Legal Aid NSW lawyers. The tool is used by community and health workers to identify if their client has a legal problem, and where to refer them for help.

How will the training session help me?

In the Law Check-Up training session the lawyer will explain:

  • why checking your client’s legal health is important
  • why we need your help to get clients to services that can help with their legal issues
  • how we can work together - by you using the Law Check-Up tool to identify legal problems and then referring your clients for free legal and other support services in your local community.

The training session will help you to understand the types of issues that are legal problems and how use the Law Check-Up tool to identify legal problems with your clients.

How can I organise a Law Check-Up training session?

You can request a training session for your organisation or interagency meeting by completing our online Request a Talk form.

Or you can contact your local Legal Aid NSW office directly to request a Law Check-Up training session. Ask to speak to the Solicitor in Charge. You can find the contact details for your local Legal Aid NSW office here.

What is the Law Check-Up tool?

The Law Check-Up tool is a form that helps you and your client identify if they have legal problems.

The form has a referral section on it, so after you complete all the details on the form and the client signs the consent, you can scan and email it through to the service that can help your client with their legal problems. The client can take the original copy to the appointment.

You can attend the appointment with your client and you can also ask that an interpreter be organised to help your client during the appointment.

Client consent

Before a client signs a consent in the Law Check-Up form, please ensure that:

  • they give their consent voluntarily
  • they are adequately informed about the referral services, and
  • they have capacity to consent.

Where can I get a copy of the Law Check-Up tool?

You can download a copy of the Law Check-Up form here.

You can also download a State-wide Services Referral List here. This list will help with referrals. You can add your local service contacts to this list.

We have additional Law Check-Ups for special groups

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