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When can i?

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When can 1? The age when you can legal do stuff

get a credit card or a money loan? 18get in trouble with the police? 10Consent to having sex? 16

Question - When Can I?

Answer - Age you can legally do stuff in NSW

Consent to have sex


Get my own Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram


Get a tattoo

18 or 16 with a parent or guardian’s OK

Get a piercing

16 or any age with a parent or guardian’s OK (except for nipple or genital piercing)

Buy alcohol, cigarettes or e-cigarettes


Open a bank account

12 (if you can sign your name as a signature the same way every time) or any age with a parent or guardian’s OK

Leave school

17 or when you finish Year 10 (if you then go into full-time education, training, paid work or a combination of these)

Vote in elections


Get a passport

18 or any age with both parent’s or guardian’s OK

Get my own Medicare card


Talk to a counsellor

Any age

Get a job

Any age as long as your job doesn’t stop you going to school if you haven’t finished Year 10

Buy condoms

Any age

See a doctor by myself


Get in trouble with the police


Buy spray paint


Go to a night club, pub or casino by myself


Be sent to prison

10 (to a Juvenile Detention Centre)

Get your learners licence

16 for a car or 16 and 9 months for a motorbike

Sign a contract to buy a mobile phone, car, motorbike, gym membership or rent a place to live

18 or any age as long as the contract is for your benefit and you understand what you are signing

Apply to Centrelink for Youth Allowance


Get fined


Get a credit card or a money loan


Get married

16 (with a court’s OK and one person is over 18) or 18

Change my name

18 or any age with both parent’s or guardian’s and your OK

Move out of your parent or guardian’s home

Any age (as long as you have a safe place to live and enough money to live on)

When can I talk to a lawyer?

You have the right to talk to a lawyer at any age if you think you have a legal problem.

What you say to a lawyer is confidential. This means they can’t tell your parents, guardian, the police or anyone else unless you say it’s OK.

Why would I talk to a lawyer?

Legal problems can be hard to spot.

A lawyer can help you with problems at home, school, with fines, money, your boss or landlord or if you have to go to Court.

To get free help with your legal problems:

Free When Can I? poster to download to display in your school, library or youth service

New in 2020 - Free When Can I? find a word game to download for young people to play and then look up the answers on the web page

Download this When Can I? document for more information about the laws

Play the online Kahoot! quiz - When can I?

  • Go to the Kahoot quiz - log in to Kahoot.com and then click on Play on the left hand side under the little purple Legal Aid NSW character
  • Choose classic or team mode and then a game PIN will come up
  • Get everyone to log into kahoot.it on their device and enter the game PIN
  • Start the game and have fun!