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Law for community workers workshop description

Care and protection

This workshop will cover the law and the Children’s Court processes involved when Family & Community Services assess that children are in need of care and protection.

Criminal justice system

This workshop will provide an overview of the criminal justice system in New South Wales.

Discrimination Law

This workshop will look at types of discrimination covered by laws including grounds, defences, exemptions, limitation periods and the role of community workers in these processes.

Domestic violence

This workshop will look at how domestic violence affects the decisions of the Family Court and how the legal framework of domestic violence in NSW impacts on both victims and defendants.


This workshop will look at employment entitlements, the National Employment Standards (NES) and employment protections. Topics covered include casual work and how to recover unpaid wages.


This workshop will cover separation and divorce, de facto relationships, arrangements for children, family dispute resolution and property settlements.

Family Law: What is Best for Kids

This workshop will cover how to reach agreements after separation about children and what happens in the family courts in children's matters.

Fines and WDOs

This workshop will explain options for dealing with fines including internal reviews, time to pay options, partial write-offs and Work and Development Orders (WDOs). Topics include helping clients get their licence back..


This workshop will cover refugee and humanitarian visas, family stream migration, the review options available to clients and the issues around family breakdown and visa cancellation.

Mental health matters

This workshop will cover the law relating to community treatment orders, involuntary admissions, primary carers under the Mental Health Act and diversionary processes in the local court.

Money matters

This workshop will cover the legal issues, options and processes around debt. Topics include hardship variations, dealing with debt collectors and bankruptcy.

Neighbour issues

This workshop will cover the law relating to common causes of dispute between neighbours including noise and nuisance complaints, harassment, fences and animals.

Police Powers

This workshop reviews police powers in relation to questioning, search, arrest and 'move on' directions. It will also cover how to complain about police misconduct.

Sexual assault communication privilege

This workshop will look at how sexual assault victims can protect the privacy of counselling notes and other confidential therapeutic records in criminal proceedings involving sexual offences.

Social security

This workshop will include an overview of the social security system, Centrelink debts and other common problems (e.g. DSP, compensation) and review rights.


This workshop focuses on tenants' rights and responsibilities, recent changes to the law and where to get tenancy advice.

Traffic Law

This workshop will look at the laws that govern traffic and regulate vehicles. Topics include traffic offences, going to court, penalties and helping clients get their licence back.

What is civil law?

This workshop will provide an overview of different types of civil law problems in everyday life and referral pathways.

Wills and Planning Ahead

This workshop will cover wills, power of attorney, enduring guardianship and elder financial abuse.

Young people

This workshop will cover the functions of the Children’s Court (criminal jurisdiction) including sentencing, diversionary options and move-on directions.

Targeted workshops for refugees, asylum seekers, and newly arrived migrants.

We also run workshops about Australian law for refugees, asylum seekers, and newly arrived migrants which AMEP teachers and settlement services can book for their groups.

Let's talk: Australian law and you and My rights at work: Australian law and you. (To book a session please email cle@legalaid.nsw.gov.au)