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Free workshops for schools and young people

Legal Aid NSW provides specialised legal education sessions for young people, teachers and community workers that promote a better understanding of the law and how it can affect young people. Specialist solicitors from the Community Legal Education Branch help young people to know their rights, understand their responsibilities and know where to go if they need help.

Free workshops for schools and young people


BURN is a crime prevention workshop looking at the laws around group offending (joint criminal enterprise) and robbery offences. This workshop also covers young people's rights in custody.  This workshop utilises a DVD. On the BURN website you can watch the film*, see interviews with the characters, examine their actions from other points of view and find out more information about your legal rights. A study guide with engaging activities and exploration of the themes and concepts is available. *Note that the film carries an M (Mature Audience) rating and is recommended for young people 15 years and over. It includes coarse language and some low level depictions of violence and drug use.

Putting the X in sexy text

An engaging, interactive 'choose-your-own-adventure' style animation exploring the criminal law outcomes of Sexting and Cyber bullying in a way that young people can understand and relate to.

It tells the story of Kat and Omar, who are navigating the pitfalls of digital communication, 'selfies' and online life. At various stages throughout the story, viewers are asked to choose what to do next. They are then presented with the criminal law implications of their choice which are explored in the DVD and by the presenter of the workshop. The purpose of the animation for the 'Putting the X in sexy text' DVD is to provide a foundation for educating and empowering young people in regards to the use of technology in their social lives. Mobile phones and social media are deeply entrenched tools of everyday life for young people. The goal of the DVD is to work with young people to understand the laws around sexting and cyber bullying and to be aware of the risks of criminal liability and sex offender's registration. Suitable for years 7 - 10.

Young People and the Criminal Law

A workshop designed to give a practical understanding of the Children’s Criminal Law jurisdiction. Based on syllabus outcomes for the Year 12 Legal Studies course, it covers the criminal jurisdiction of the Children's Court, diversionary and sentencing options and current issues in the youth justice system. Suitable for HSC Legal Studies students. A simplified version can be presented to Commerce students.

Police Powers: Young People & Public Space

A workshop utilising a short film and role play scenarios to explore police powers and responsibilities, especially in public spaces. The workshop also and considers strategies that can improve interactions between young people and police in public spaces. Suitable for all year groups.

Let's talk about consent

A workshop that covers legal definitions of sexual consent, offences relating to non-consent, as well as ethical consent frameworks. The session includes case studies, videos and interactive quizzes. Suitable for years 10 to 12.  

Legal Life Skills – Every day legal problems

A range of workshops that give young people legal skills, information and referral options as they get closer to adulthood and independence. The topic areas will help young people to identify problems that a lawyer can help them with. Topics covered include mobile phone/car contracts, money, fines, workplace rights, renting and credit debt. Suitable for years 9 to 12.

When can I?

All young people have questions about when they will be old enough to be able to choose options for themselves. When can I get a job, get my own Medicare card, drive, vote? This fun, game-based workshop answers all of these questions and more. Suitable for years 7 to 10.

How to book a session

Request a talk OR email cle@legalaid.nsw.gov.au

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