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About us

If you have a legal problem in NSW, Legal Aid NSW is here to help you.

Anyone in NSW can contact our team at LawAccess NSW. Our information officers can provide you with legal information and identify services in your area who can help you.

You can speak to them using our website’s webchat feature by clicking the 'Chat with us' button on the right or call them on 1300 888 529 from 9am–5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

If you need a lawyer and don’t have enough money to pay, you may be able to get help from one of our Legal Aid NSW lawyers. LawAccess NSW can tell you if you are eligible and can book an appointment for you to speak with one of our lawyers.

Our lawyers can support you with criminal matters involving the police, family matters involving children or a relationship breakdown, or civil matters where you are having trouble with a fundamental need like housing, income support or access to health and disability supports.

We have some of the largest legal practices in NSW, and our lawyers are expert, dedicated professionals.