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Panels and compliance

Private Lawyer Quality Standards Unit

The Private Lawyer Quality Standards Unit (PLQS) manages Legal Aid NSW panels, investigates complaints and monitors the delivery and quality of legal services provided by panel members.

Legal Aid NSW works in collaboration with panel members to provide quality legal services to socially and economically disadvantaged people across criminal, family and civil law jurisdictions across New South Wales.

To undertake legal aid work a law practice or barrister is required to be a member on the relevant panel. A law practice or barrister can apply for appointment to any panel where they meet the individual panel requirements.

Legal Aid NSW acknowledges that a large proportion of our clients are children, clients who are in custody, have a mental illness, are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, are experiencing domestic or family violence, or are from a CALD background. It is therefore important our panel members representing legal aid clients have the skills and capacity to communicate with and on behalf of our clients, to deliver services that are inclusive and accessible.

For more information about becoming a panel member visit our Private lawyer panels or Barrister panels page.

  • CLC and ALS practitioners

    CLC and ALS practitioners

    Legal practitioners employed by a Community Legal Centre (CLC) or the Aboriginal Legal Service (ALS) cannot apply for appointment to a panel.

How do I contact the Private Lawyer Quality Standards Unit

Telephone: (02) 9219 5662    |    Audits:     |    Panels: