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Victims rights

Information about the rights and support services for victims of crime.

  • Your safety is important

    Your safety is important

    If you feel unsafe or are experiencing any violence, contact the police, a domestic violence counsellor or get legal advice.

A victim of crime is someone who has suffered physical, psychological, or emotional injury, or financial loss because of a crime. It may also include a person who has witnessed a crime or a family member of a person who was injured or killed.

If you are a victim of a crime committed in NSW, you have rights. Your rights are set out and protected under the Charter of Victims Rights. The Charter outlines 18 rights, including your right to:

  • be treated with courtesy, compassion, and respect
  • access necessary medical care, counselling, and legal help 
  • information about the investigation and prosecution of the offender
  • protection from the accused person
  • financial assistance for victims of personal violence.

For more information about your rights and the financial support for victims, call Victims Services between 9:00am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays):

  • Victims Access Line on 1800 633 063
  • Aboriginal Contact Line on 1800 019 123.