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Policy Online

The Legal Aid NSW online policy resource sets out our policies and guidelines for applying for legal aid and administering grants of legal aid.

Policy Online includes Legal Aid NSW policies, the guidelines for the policies and a glossary of terms. It is intended to provide staff, private practitioners and the community with easy access to our policies.

If you would like a summary of Legal Aid NSW policies see policies in brief and the A to Z guide to policies.

If you would like to appeal a decision made by Legal Aid NSW, please download an appeal form.

Policies iconPolicies
Legal Aid NSW aims to provide quality legal services to the socially and economically disadvantaged people of NSW. So that our services are provided fairly and consistently to reach the people most in need, Legal Aid NSW applies policies for granting and administering grants of legal aid.
Guidelines iconGuidelines
The guidelines provide further information on how the policies are to be applied by setting out certain requirements which need to be observed when applying the policies. The guidelines are intended to be read with the relevant policy.

Practice Procedures & Directions iconExtended Legal Assistance
Extended Legal Assistance is an early intervention service provided by the in-house practice only. This section describes the eligibility criteria for Extended Legal Assistance.

ERA iconEarly Resolution Assistance

Early Resolution Assistance (ERA) is an early intervention service which funds legal representation at dispute resolution forums. ERA can be provided by inhouse and private lawyers.

Legal Aid NSW welcomes any feedback you may have about Policy Online. Forward your comments to Aideen McGarrigle by email: aideen.mcgarrigle@legalaid.nsw.gov.au