What is a Section 14?

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If the police charge you with a crime, you might go to court.

At court, the magistrate can make an order called a Section 14.

A magistrate is a type of judge.

A Section 14 means you won’t have to:

  • pay a fine
  • go to jail.

But if you get a Section 14, you must agree to get some help. You can say what help you want.

You will get a support plan. A support plan is sometimes called a treatment plan.

Your support plan talks about:

  • what support you need
  • how you will get that support.

You must agree to follow what your support plan says.

If you follow your Section 14 for a year, you won’t have to go back to court.

If you don’t follow your Section 14, you might have to go back to court.

Who can get a Section 14?

A magistrate can give a Section 14 to people with cognitive disability.

When someone has a cognitive disability, they can find it hard to:

  • think
  • communicate
  • understand
  • remember.

A magistrate can give a Section 14 to people who have problems with their mental health.

Your mental health is about how you:

  • think
  • feel
  • manage your feelings.

The magistrate will want to know about your:

  • cognitive disability
  • mental health problems.

The magistrate will also want to know what services you use for support.

Contact us

You can contact your lawyer if you have any questions about your:

  • case
  • Section 14 order.


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