Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Services

Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Services (WDVCAS) are free, confidential support services for women experiencing domestic and family violence in NSW. We are available in every town and suburb across the state.

If you are experiencing domestic and family violence, we can help you with:

  • Information
  • Safety planning
  • Connections to local services, e.g., if you need housing or legal advice
  • Support at court.

We also work with solicitors from the Domestic Violence Unit or Domestic Violence Duty Scheme who can provide you with legal advice on Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders (ADVOs), family law, immigration and other issues.

You don’t need to talk to Police or go to court to get our help. 

We can help any woman experiencing domestic and family violence. We can also help:

  • non-binary people experiencing domestic and family violence
  • women who are person alleged to have been violent in a relationship if they are an existing client or if we believe they are the primary victim of violence in the relationship.

Call 1800 WDVCAS (1800 938 227) and enter your postcode. You will be connected to the service in your local area.

We are funded by the NSW Government via Legal Aid NSW.